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The main characteristic of steelmaking production

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Steel containing impurities such as C, S, P, can influence the strength and brittleness of the steel, need again on molten steel smelting, to remove the impurities, and join the Si, Mn, etc., to adjust its composition. To adjust the composition of molten steel smelting process is called steelmaking.
Steelmaking is the main raw material with high carbon steel and iron and steel scrap. In order to remove the impurities in the molten steel and steel also need to add antioxidant, deoxidizer and slagging materials, and iron alloy material, to adjust the composition of the steel. With high carbon steel to steel furnace, oxygen blowing, ore, such as decarburization process, to remove the impurity in the molten steel oxidation, add alloy, alloying, then get the molten steel. Furnaces have open hearth furnace, converter and electric furnace, open hearth ?

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