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Bucket Teeth

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       Bucket in mechanical engineering can have a distinct quality from the traditional bucket (pail) whose purpose is to contain things. Larger versions of this type of bucket equip bucket trucks to contain human beings, buckets in water-hauling systems in mines or, for instance, in helicopter buckets to hold water to combat fires.

       Two other types of mechanical buckets can be distinguished according to the final destination of the device they equip: energy-consumer systems like excavators or energy-capturer systems like water bucket wheels or turbines.

        Excavator buckets are the most common type of excavator attachment, and can be used for a variety of tasks, ranging from digging and carrying dirt to breaking up rock or scooping up construction materials on job sites around the world. While the bucket is one of the most important parts on an excavator, it is also one of the most heavily used. From time to time, the bucket teeth on the machine will need to be repaired and replaced to keep the excavator running properly and make the operator money. 

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