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About Bucket Teeth

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      Tooth is one of the important parts on the excavator, shovel bucket is similar to human teeth, also wearing parts, is composed of tooth and tooth tip combination dipper teeth, both by pin shaft link. Due to the bucket tooth wear failure part is the tooth, as long as the replacement with a tip.

      A stress analysis of bucket tooth face contact with by mining phase, in a complete different working stages in the course of digging the force is different. Tooth part first contact with the material surface, because of the fast, bucket tooth part hit from the stronger. If the lower yield strength of bucket tooth, will produce plastic deformation in tip. Along with the increase of mining depth, the bucket tooth stress distribution will change. When the bucket tooth cutting material, relative motion occurs, the bucket tooth and material produce very big are extrusion pressure on the surface, thus the bucket tooth face and produce larger friction between materials. If the material is a hard rock, concrete, etc., the frictional force is going to be great. The results of this process a few times and over the surface of the bucket tooth face from wear and tear, thus produce deep large furrows. Composition of dipper teeth is good effect to the length of service life of the dipper teeth, choose the bucket tooth, of course, more cautious idiot sold bucket tooth his bucket tooth I also used, the effect is good! Face after pressure working face is obviously higher than before, before working face serious wear and tear, and can determine the positive pressure and friction force is the major failure modes of bucket tooth external mechanical factors, plays a main role in the process of produce.

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